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Our Philosophy

Give Fab
Give Great Service

Give Back

We Wanna Help You Look Gooood!

It's our job to help you look fabulous,  so we take extra care in making sure that we're offering great vintage clothes that will make you feel like a million bucks and will make your heart go pitter-pat.  If you have a special request or you're looking for something specific, drop us a line and we'll do our best to sniff out a special little ditty for you!  Wishlists are welcome, and we're happy to go on the hunt!

Our customers are our peeps!

We love our customers.  So much so, that we think of them as our "our peeps".  Thanks!  It's Vintage! wants you to know just how much we appreciate your business, and if you sign up for our email, you'll get special prizes, like coupons and discounts to shop the store!  Don't worry.  We won't flood your inbox!  And we won't rent, sell, or trade your info, either.  That wouldn't be a very nice thing to do!

Thanks!  It's Vintage! also offers some pretty neat services to our peeps, such as personal shopping, tailoring, home parties, and delivery.  Just ask!

We heart animals!

We are all about sharing the wealth.  Our pet cause is, well, PETS.  Okay, not just pets, but all animals.  We believe that it is our collective society's responsibility to help those who can not help themselves.  We aim to do our part by supporting non-profit organizations that work towards the betterment of the lives of neglected and abused animals, as well as the placement of homeless animals living on the streets and in overcrowded shelters. 

Thanks!  It's Vintage! donates a portion of each sale to these organizations, because it's the right thing to do.  We also donate our time, pet food, blankets, and any other supplies we happen to pick up along the way, as well as participate in fundraisers for these causes.  Every little bit helps! 

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